E-Mail gets deleted by Local Bad Sender Domains policy but address cannot be found on the list


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Messaging Gateway


E-Mail gets deleted by what seems to be Local Bad Sender Domains policy but sender's e-mail address or domain visible in Message Audit Log (MAL) cannot be found on the Local Bad Sender Domains list.

MAL entry displays following information:
- Verdict: System denied email address or domain
- Filter Policy: static deny email address
- Action taken: delete message

Screenshot of MAL verdict:


This works as designed.

Message Audit Log is designed to display so called "Envelope Sender" information. Local Bad Sender Domains policy in SMG applies to information contained in "Envelope Sender" (i.e MAIL FROM: field) as well as "Message Body" (i.e. From: field) parts of e-mail message.

For further information with regards to differences between "Message Envelope" and "Message Body" please refer to following documents:



Please consider following example to illustrate the situation:

1. Local Bad Sender Domains policy configured as follows:

2. Test message sent via telnet - please notice different parts of the message and also different sender address used in envelope and body parts of the e-mail.

3. Correct verdict reached by SMG - please note sender's e-mail address and compare with the address in point 1.