Unable to use powershell on the deployment server itself using a run script task


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Deployment Solution


A run script task has been created to start a powershell script and using the option "Locally on the Deployment Server"

The script fails to run.

Error -1

The script execution fails.


1) The 64-bits environment has a 32-bits and 64-bits powershell executable installed. When you run PowerShell from a 32-bit program, it calls 32-bit PowerShell.  But when you run from the taskbar it runs the 64-bit version (and because of this a manual test of the script from a command prompt works).
2) DS creates a PS1 file to run the script. By default, on the windows 2008 server, the PS1 file will be opened by Notepad instead of powershell.exe


1) Go to Start->All Programs->Accessories->Windows PowerShell and start the Windows PowerShell (x86) version as an Administrator, and from there set your execution policy for the 32-bit version of PowerShell. That should fix your issues.
Run "psexec -i -s Powershell.exe" and to run the script manually and then set "Script Run Location" -> "Locally on the Deployment Server."

2) In Windows change the program that is used to open files with the .PS1 extension to: 

Applies To

Windows 2008 with Deployment Solution installed