Unable to open a record-set from the result-set database


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Control Compliance Suite Windows



If the Data processing Service (DPS) and RMS are installed on the same computer and the DPS is upgraded to CCS Manager 11.0, RMS fails to export the query results.
The following error appears while exporting the query results through RMS:

Unable to open a record-set from the result-set database.



You must repair the installation of Crystal Reports 2008, which RMS uses for exporting the query results.
1.       Copy the CrystalReportDotNet.msi file from the RMS product media to the computer on which RMS is installed.
2.       Right-click the CrystalReportDotNet.msi file, and then click Repair.
Ensure that repair completes without errors. If repair does not complete, then re-install Crystal Reports 2008.
3.       Close and re-launch the RMS console.
4.       Check the export functionality by exporting the results of a query.