Backing up the CA View database before executing the OLOAD or BLOAD functions.


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I have applied View maintenance and I am going to be running the OLOAD and BLOAD tasks on my SAR databases. 

My question is, is it necessary to run a SARDBASE UNLOAD to back up the database files before I run the OLOAD and BLOAD functions?


Release: OUTDTI00200-12.1-Deliver-Output Management-Interface for Native TSO


Technically, since the OLOAD and BLOAD processes specifically do not affect the INDEX portion of the database and only affect a small area of the DATA portion (and no actual report data), you would not necessarily need to run an UNLOAD before running the OLOAD or BLOAD.


If you forget to put any "user modified" panels or banner page members into the maintenance library before running the OLOAD or BLOAD, and something that you currently have in production gets overlaid, all you would need to do is copy the user modified member into the appropriate maintenance library and re-run the OLOAD or BLOAD function to put the correct panel or banner page member back in place on the database.