Symantec Encryption Products and Encrypting SCSI or SAS Drives


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Endpoint Encryption


Are SCSI/SAS drives and controllers supported with Symantec Encryption products?


Neither Symantec Endpoint Encryption, nor Symantec Encryption Desktop will encrypt SCSI or SAS drives.  SCSI drives are extremely rare to be found in endpoint systems, such as laptops or desktops purchased for the purpose of end users.  These drives are more common in server products, however, these types are still fairly rare.  While encrypting these drives may be possible, they are not tested and may have unexpected behavior.

Unfortunately, many applications, such as MSINFO32, or others will detect drive types incorrectly, stating the drive is SCSI, when in fact this is not the case.   Special care should be taken when looking at these drives.  When in doubt, look at the system specifications page of the manufacturer and vendor to confirm, as most frequently, the drives will be typically Solid State drives and not actually SCSI or SAS.

For a list of Best Practices for Symantec Drive Encryption products, see article TECH149543.