What is the SCSP Self-Protection feature?


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Critical System Protection


You would like to know what is the Self-Protection feature in Symantec Critical System Protection.


The SCSP Self-Protection feature protects Symantec Critical System Protection Management Server, Console and Agent resources, such as .ini configuration settings and log files.


Q: What does it mean?

A: It means that SCSP resources are protected and locked.

It also means that the SCSP resources (Management Server, Console and Agent) cannot be uninstalled when Self-Protection enabled. This is why the entries are removed in the Add/remove programs or Programs and Features from the Control Panel.


Q: How to enable SCSP Self-Protection feature?

A: By applying an IPS policy other than the NULL policy to a CSP Agent.


Q: How to configure SCSP Self-Protection feature?

A: The only options that can be configured are the following: