Host machines are not receiving the proper pcAnywhere settings policy


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When multiple pcAnywhere settings policies are in use and a host is moved from one policy to another the new policy won't be applied to the host system.   The Symantec Management Agent will download and update the clientpolicy.xml but the pcAnywhere host won't have the new settings applied to it. 

Note: A pcAnywhere host can only be a member of one policy at a time. The issue noted in this KB is when a client is moved from one policy by a filter change to another policy. 

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An updated pcAnywhere clinet installer is available that resolves this issue. 


Note:This update is for pcAnywhere solution 12.6.7 HF1 plug-in (version 12.6.8209) and 12.6.8 Please confirm in SIM that you are updated to 12.6.7 hf1 or 12.6.8 before applying this update.   

Replace the pcAnywhere plug in installer files on the ITMS Server as follows.
  1. Navigate to the “C:\Program Files\Altiris\Notification Server\NSCap\bin\Win32\X86\pcAAgent”.
  2. Backup the existing  
    1. Symantec_pcAnywhere_plugin_installer.msi
    2. Symantec_pcAnywhere_plugin_installer_x64.msi.
  3. Download and extract the appropriate version of this patch and replace the old versions with the new versions of
    1. Symantec_pcAnywhere_plugin_installer.msi 
    2. Symantec_pcAnywhere_plugin_installer_x64.msi 
  4. Please run the following taks from the task scheduler.
    1. NS.Package Distribution Point update schedule
    2. NS.Package Refresh 
    3. NS.Package Server Status Event Capture Item
  5. Apply pcAnywhere plug-ins for Windows upgrade policy to groups of clients. (an update 
    1. 12.6.7 HF1 clients will start showing the new pcAnywhere plug-in version 12.6.8213 after successful upgrade.
    2. 12.6.8 clients will start showing the new pcAnywhere plug-in version 12.6.8558 after successful upgrade.

Note:   The stock upgrade filter will not see clients as needing this upgrade.  A SQL script is availalbe below that will modify the version of pcAnywhere being used by the default pcAnywhere upgrade filters.   Be aware that the use of this script will modify the veriosn for Linux and Mac upgrade filters.   Because the Mac and Linux verion of pcAnywhere is not modified mac and linux results will be bad and these scripts should not be used if Linux and Mac clients are in the environments.  


The following can be ran using SQL Manager to update the product version that the filter "Windows Computers Requireing pcAnywhere Upgrade" uses. 
For Vega (12.6.7 HF1): UPDATE vProduct SET State='<item> <url /> <imageUrl /> <replicateFolderContents>False</replicateFolderContents> <msiVersion>12.6.8213.0</msiVersion> <version>12.6.8213.0</version> <legacyXml></legacyXml> </item>' WHERE ProductGuid = 'c432b710-f971-11a2-8643-20105bf409af' For Alta (12.6.8) : UPDATE vProduct SET State='<item> <url /> <imageUrl /> <replicateFolderContents>False</replicateFolderContents> <msiVersion>12.6.8558.0</msiVersion> <version>12.6.8558.0</version> <legacyXml></legacyXml> </item>' WHERE ProductGuid = 'c432b710-f971-11a2-8643-20105bf409af'




Applies To

pcAnywhere solution installed with Notification server 7.1 or 7.5