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Cannot Approve policy in Control Compliance Suite (CCS) Web Portal even though user is a member of group that is assigned to role with Approve Policies task


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Control Compliance Suite Exchange Control Compliance Suite Windows


Unable to Submit Policy For Approval from the CCS Console or Approve a policy from CCS Web Portal even when CCS user is a member of a group assigned the Policy Approver role.

Option to Submit Policy For Approval in CCS Console or to Approve a policy in CCS Web Portal is unavailable (grayed out).


CCS User's SID was incorrectly compared with that of user groups (without enumerating group membership). The fix will expand the group and compare CCS User's SID with the member user's SID.


Apply CCS Reporting & Analytics Quick Fix QF20405 to resolve the issue. The Submit Policy for Approval option in CCS Console and Approve policy functionality in CCS Web Portal is now available for CCS users assigned to role with Approve Policies task.

NOTE: QF20405 will be included in Symantec™ Control Compliance Suite 10.5.1: 2012-3 Update when it becomes available.

Applies To

CCS 10.5.1 <= PCU 2012-2


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