Clear Text Email Messages are Blocked. MAPI Proxy Error -11086


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When using Microsoft Outlook and the MAPI protocol with PGP Desktop, clear text email messages are intermittently blocked. If you resend the email message immediately after being blocked, the email is successfully sent.

09:27:13 Email      Error             MAPI Proxy: ..\shared\OCconnection.cpp : Line 270 : Echo::oc::OCconnection::SetServerInfoFromCache
09:27:13 Email      Error             PGPOvidClientSetServerInfo2 failed
09:27:13 Email      Error             Received OCC error ecUngrouped PGPError: (connection timed out)


10:12:36 Email      Error             MAPI Proxy: Setting server information failed.  Error -11086


This can be due to a network performance issue.


Ensure there is a stable connection between the Microsoft Exchange Server and PGP Universal Server.

To mitigate the issue:

  • On the client machine, add the Microsoft Exchange Server WINS name to the LMHOSTS and the IP address to the HOSTS file.
  • In the HOSTS file, add the PGP Universal Server IP address.


Applies To

  • MS Outlook (MAPI protocol)
  • PGP  Desktop