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Failed getting Oracle Home from oratab file


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Control Compliance Suite Exchange


When querying the Oracle Server Configuration data-source or the Listener data-source you get an error " Failed getting oracle homes from oratab file "

Failed to get oracle homes from oratab file


Either missing oratab file or no entries in the oratab file


You could get this error in BV Control for Oracle for a number of reasons, most likely would be the absence of an oratab file which is located in /etc or /var/opt folder in a Unix environment. This depends on the falvor of the Unix you are using.

Another reason could be that the oratab file exists however the SID entry is missing or cannot be read from this file.

Often you could also get this error if there are too many white spaces ( blank spaces ) in this file or special characters , in such you should re-edit this file to remove such occurrences of blank spaces or special characters.

Note: This oratab file is only used when Oracle installations are on a Unix platform and not when Oracle installations are on Windows platform. This is a simple text file and can be created or edited using any text editing tool or utility.