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How can you schedule reports in NeXpose i.e., CCSVM?


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How can you schedule reports in NeXpose i.e., CCSVM?

How can you schedule reports in NeXpose i.e., CCSVM?




Instead of generating reports manually, NeXpose  can be configured to create reports automatically through the scheduler. Doing the latter is a good idea if you have an asset group containing assets that are assigned to many different sites, each with a different scan template. Since these assets will be scanned frequently, it makes sense to generate reports automatically.

 Go to the Report Configuration—Schedule page. If the report is only needed once, click This time only. If you want NeXpose to generate a report every time it successfully completes a scan of any one asset, click the radio button labeled After each scan.

 If you wish to schedule reports for regular time intervals, click the radio button labeled On the following schedule. Click the calendar icon to select a start date. Type a start time in the hour and minute fields to the right of the calendar icon.

 To set a time interval for repeating the report, type a value in the field labeled Repeat every and select a time unit. Note that there are two options for monthly scans: "Months on the specified date" means that the scan will run on the exact same date every month (e.g., the 15th). "Months on the specified day of the month" will cause NeXpose to run on a particular day of the week (e.g., the second Friday of every month).

If you wish to run a report only once, type "0" in the field labeled Repeat every.

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