Unable to Push Symantec Management Agent on certain clients


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Management Platform (Formerly known as Notification Server)


When Pushing the symantec management agent, the task manager on client doesn't start any exe task.

On console the status shows

  • Failed to copy Altiris Agent install service.
  •  No network provider accepted the given network path
  •  The network path was not found.
  • Failed to logon using Admin Account:Access to the network resource was denied


When tried pushing agent from Symantec management console found error in a.logs

<event date="Jul 27 09:33:35 +00:00" severity="2" hostName="NSSERVER" source="Altiris.Agent.Unix.Policy.UnixAgentInstall.OnBuildClientConfigXml2" module="w3wp.exe" process="w3wp" pid="2296" thread="241" tickCount="23659984"><![CDATA[Couldn't find underlying policy for resource {69b2adb6-8992-41a8-9db0-15904b6b20ad}]]></event>
<event date="Jul 27 09:34:13 +00:00" severity="2" hostName="NSSERVER" source="Altiris.NS.Utilities.ClientPushMgr.OsVersionCheck" module="AeXSVC.exe" process="AeXSvc" pid="1148" thread="64" tickCount="23698406"><![CDATA[Agent push to "ComputerName" IP 192.168.x.xis proceeding, even though OS details are unavailable.]]></event>
<event date="Jul 27 09:34:13 +00:00" severity="2" hostName="NSSERVER" source="Altiris.NS.Utilities.RemoteServiceMgr.GetClosestPackageServer" module="AeXSVC.exe" process="AeXSvc" pid="1148" thread="40" tickCount="23698421"><![CDATA[Flag UseClosestPackageServer ignored on agent push as no ready package server associated with the destination "ComputerName"was found.]]></event>
<event date="Jul 27 09:34:14 +00:00" severity="2" hostName="NSSERVER" source="Altiris.NS.Utilities.RemoteServiceMgr" module="AeXSVC.exe" process="AeXSvc" pid="1148" thread="40" tickCount="23698625"><![CDATA[Failed to copy the eXpress Client service to \\computername\ADMIN$\AltirisAgentInstSvc.exe. Error:There is a time and/or date difference between the client and server.
 This type of failure can occur if a client push is currently in progress or has completed but some files are still locked. This problem can typically be solved by rebooting the computer]]


The Date on client computer was  set incorrect.




Change the date and time on the client computer on which the agent is not getting installed.

This was found after following the TECH13407


Applies To

SMP 7.x