Product Update (PU) July 2012 Release for CCS v11.0


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A Maintenance Pack is required to deliver the feature enhancements and fixes for Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.0


PU 2012-1 provides the following feature enhancements and fixes to CCS v11.0: 

·         The CCS user can enable the use of EDI for dashboarding of Ad-hoc results and for incremental import.
·         The CCS User can analyze permissions from local server access with a remote network share perspective.
·         CCS administrator can use different dictionaries for different queries for execution.
·         The CCS User can scope date or time queries to the operator, less or greater than X days/hours/minutes.
CCS provides the following updates which are available only after you install SCU 2012-3 or later:
·         The CCS User can determine if a specific patch has been installed for Windows assets.
·         The CCS user can ensure integrity of patch files while creating the report on missing or installed patches.
·         CCS Administrator can identify whether latest patch information is available.
·         The CCS User can determine whether all missing patches for Windows assets are available.
·         The CCS user can determine which patches have been installed for Windows assets.
·         The CCS User can select applications and assets, and can retrieve a list of missing applicable patches.
·         The CCS User can limit the depth of the group analysis for effective file permissions.
·         The CCS User can report on groups and users in the results for users datasource.
Risk Manager: 
·           In the CCS Risk Manager view Exception Plan button is renamed to Accept Risk Plan.
·           CCS provides the Projected Risk Score calculation at plan level for Evidence based Action Plan Management.
·           CCS provides a configuration setting to manage the number of records to be displayed in the Analyze Risk page for Evidence based Action Plan Management.
Policy Manager:
·         CCS provides acceptance Options in Policy Manager.
·         Remediation Owner can view evidence details for the check or asset evaluation results.
·         The CCS User can import assets from multiple AD domain using a single CCS Manager.
·         The CCS user can test Directory Server (LDAP) connection for a data location.
·         The CCS user can enable ad-hoc query to identify stale AD Assets and can exclude the Stale AD assets from importing.
·         CCS provides Internet Explorer v9.0 browser support in compatibility mode.
·         CCS Administrator can update the CCS Agent with a hotfix using CCS LiveUpdate infrastructure.
Documentation updates:
In addition to the above-mentioned enhancements, the following documents are available with CCS 11.0 PU 2012-1:
·         Quick Start Guide for Fresh Installation
·         Quick Start Guide for Security Compliance
·         Quick Start Guide for RMS Upgrade
·         Quick Start Guide for ESM Upgrade
·         Quick Start Guide for Policy Compliance
·         Quick Start Guide for Risk Compliance
You may download the Quick Start Guides from Symantec Control Compliance Suite product support website.


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