Setting the WDE Administrator password causes enrollment to fail with error: bad parameters -12000


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Unable to enroll to PGP Universal Server with error.

PGP Error: Unable to enroll (bad parameters, error -12000)


This can be caused by a defect in Consumer Policy if using a Whole Disk Administrator Passphrase after upgrades.


This issue is resolved in PGP Universal Server (GA) and above. Once the PGP Universal Server has been upgraded to that version, the issue will be resolved.

A workaround exists if an upgrade is not immediately possible. This workaround will remove the entry that causes this issue without affecting any functionality of the Whole Disk Encryption Administrator Passphrase:
1. Go to Consumers -> Consumer Policy
2. Click on all policies affected and perform the following actions on each:
 3. Click the Edit button under "General".
4. Click the button "Edit Preferences".
5. In the XML Preferences Editor, select the "Delete" radio button. In the Pref Name, type:
5. Click Save.
6. Enrollment will now completely successfully.

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Although this issue is less-likely to occur, it has been observed after upgrading to PGP Universal Server 3.2.0.