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Best Practices to Speed up the Encryption Process


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You have started the encryption process, however you find that the encryption is running very slow. It is taking a very long time to encrypt the drives and you want to speed up the encryption process.



Usually the speed of the encryption process depends on many environmental variables (e.g. the size of the hard disk drive or bad sectors on the hard disk drive), the following are some of best practices to speed up the encryption process.

1) Run a Check Disk on the hard disk to find out if there are any issues with the hard disk drive, before you install PGP Desktop

2) Defragment the hard disk drive before starting the encryption process.

3) Disable your antivirus software, as it tends to scan the encryption process, which effects the 'Stop' and 'Resume' functions of PGP Desktop GUI and also drastically slows down the encryption process.

4) Skipping the 'Power Safe' option on the PGP Desktop will also help.

5)  Install the latest version of PGP Desktop software (PGP Desktop for Windows 10.2.1 MP3 / PGP Desktop for Mac OS X 10.2.1.MP4).

6)  A faster CPU and hard drive will make the process take less time.