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Registration of Workflow Server in Workflow Enterprise Manager fails in Workflow 7.x


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When you attempt to register a Workflow Server using Workflow Enterprise Management in Symantec Management Platform, the registration fails with an error.

“Unable to determine that Workflow is installed on that server.”


The Workflow Server and Symantec Management Platform are not in the same domain, or the Symantec Management Platform service account does not have access to the target Workflow Server's Windows services.

The platform attempts to authenticate using the credentials provided during platform installation. If the Workflow Server computer is not a member of the same domain as the platform server, this authentication may fail. Additionally, if either server’s domain membership has been corrupted, as sometimes occurs when you revert virtual machine snapshots, the authentication will also fail.

To confirm that this is the problem, follow these steps:

  1. On the Symantec Management Platform server, open the Altiris log viewer.
  2. Look for an error message from Symantec.Workflow.EnterpriseManagement.WasServiceHelper.GetWasSettings.
    The stack trace may contain a message such as “System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (): The logon attempt failed” or “System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (): No authority could be contacted for authentication.”


To resolve this problem, add both computers to the same domain, or re-add the computer whose membership has become corrupted.

Note that if you have a very large Workflow environment and multiple Workflow Server computers (and want to be able to manage them from the Workflow Enterprise Management page on the Symantec Management Platform computer), you should ensure that all Workflow Server computers are in the same domain as the platform server.

Applies To

Symantec Workflow 7.x and Symantec Management Platform 7.1 and later.