Schedule cube processing in SQL


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Cube processing works on the SQL server manually but fails to process on the Symantec Management Platform.

There could be several errors observed or that the processing just does not complete in the symantec console.



You may want to use SQL Server Agent to have a Cube processed as part of a scheduled job. This is how you create the step to process the Cube.
After connecting to the Analysis Server, right click on the Cube and select Process.
Process Cube
When the process window opens, click the dropdown by Script and select Script Action to Clipboard. Then click Cancel so you will not start processing the Cube immediately.
Now open a job or create a new Job in SQL Server agent.
New Job
In the Job window, click on Steps and New to open the New Job Step window. Give the step a name and change the Type to SQL Server Analysis Services Command. Enter the Server and Paste the contents of the Clipboard from earlier into the Command window.
Click OK twice and the Job will now include the step to execute the pasted script which will process the Cube.
Lastly choose schedule and set to run according to your preferences.