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Symantec Scan Engine does not update Symantec URL Definitions


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Scan Engine


Symantec Scan Engine (SSE) does not update Symantec URL Definitions after successfully installing initial update.

The date of Symantec URL Definitions can vary depending on when SSE was installed or upgraded on the affected system.

The suggestion mentioned in the TECH152869 does not update Symantec URL Definitions.

Running LiveUpdate Content on Symantec URL Definitions from SSE GUI shows LiveUpdate Status is Up to date.

However, Symantec URL Definitions date is old and not the latest release.


In case Scan Engine already has incremental update for URL definitions, incorrect sequence number was sent to JLU and further definitions were never getting downloaded.


The hot fix (HF01) is released in 18 October 2012 that corrected the sequence number to be sent to JLU.

Hotfix files:

Linux and Solaris Platform : and under "/opt/SYMCScan/bin/" directory.

Windows Platform : cfcurllist.dll and UrlScanAPI.dll under "<drive>:\Program Files\Symantec\Scan Engine\" directory.

How to apply the hot fix:
 1) Stop Symantec Scan Engine Service.
 2) Take backup of above files presented inside "bin" or "Scan Engine"under Scan Engine Install directory.
 3) Copy attached files to "bin" or "Scan Engine" folder. Check the permission and ownership of the copied files and update it if necessary, should be same as older files.
 4) Start the Scan Engine process and check the status of URL LiveUpdate.


Applies To

Redhat 5.x

Windows 2003/2008

Solaris Platform

Target Product: Symantec Scan Engine 5.2.13 and 5.2.14


HF01-URL_Definition_Issue(2865339).zip get_app