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How to change the inbound delivery host in Messaging Gateway


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Messaging Gateway


A new mail server has been added or the mail server's IP address has been changed, information is needed on how to direct email from the Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) to the new or modified mail server.


Update the local mail routes


Go to (Administration > Configuration > Select the Host Name > Edit > SMTP > Inbound)

  1. Under "Inbound Local Mail Delivery", check the box next to the existing Host/IP Address and then click the Edit button. Change the Host/IP  to the new IP and save.
  2. Also check if there is an Optional Route in (Protocols > Domains > Check the "Domain Name" > Edit > Delivery)
    1. Under "Destination Routing" if "Optionally route this domain or email address" is selected and an IP is set on "Destination Hosts", then change the IP to the new IP.


If you are making these changes to replace or add a new internal email server you will need to add that IP to the Outbound Mail Acceptance list


Go to (Administration > Configuration > Select a Scanner > Edit > SMTP > Outbound)

  1. Under "Outbound Mail Acceptance", click Add and type the new mail server IP in the box and click Save.