Core dumps gets created after a stop and start of the Scan Engine service on Solaris OS.


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Scan Engine


When manually stopping or starting the Scan Engine service two core dumps get generated. 


The cause of the core dumps is due to that it's been enable on the Solaris box.  See Solution section for steps to verify this and list of commands to disable it.


Note: If you have this turned on to troubleshoot a specific issue then you can leave the settings the same and ignore the core dumps being generated on the Scan Engine stop and start of the processes.  If you don't want the core dumps then follow the steps below.

To check what has been enable.

  1. Login to the command line of the Solaris box.
  2. Type in the command:


    Example of output:

  3. If you see that global core dumps is enable then you will want to disable that feature.

To disable the global core dump.

  1. Type in at the command line:

    coreadm -d global

  2. Verify the change.

    Type in at the command line:


    Example of output:

  3. Now test by stopping and starting the Scan Engine service.




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