Symantec Critical System Protection support for Embedded Operating Systems.


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Critical System Protection


You wish to know the level of support, and the pre-requisites for supporting Windows Embedded Operating Systems with Symantec Critical System Protection (SCSP).


Since SCSP 5.2.6, Symantec Critical System Protection release contains Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention policy support for Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems (XPe), the componentized version of the Windows XP Professional operating system. Symantec Critical System Protection does not support any other Windows Embedded products.


To use Symantec Critical System Protection with Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems, you must have the following Windows XP Professional for Embedded Systems components:
  • NT Loader
  • Filter Manager (FltMgr.sys)
  • NTFS Format
  • NTFS
  • FAT Format
  • FAT
  • English Language Support
  • User Interface Core
    • Show Run on Start Menu
    • Show My Computer on Start Menu
    • Show Shutdown
    • Show network Connection on  Start Menu
    • Show All Program List on Start Menu
    • Show context menu on shell folders
    • Show Control Panel on Start Menu
    • Uncheck Prohibit access to Control Panel
  • Windows Firewall Control Panel
  • Display Control Panel
  • Users Control Panel
  • Null Device Driver (Need to set visibility level to 100 in Target Designer to see this component)
  • Auditing Resource DLL (Need to set visibility level to 100 in Target Designer to see this component)
  • Search Tools
  • TCP/IP Netstat Command
  • TCP/IP Utilities
  • TCP/IP Basic Networking
  • Filter Manager
  • Explorer Shell
  • Software Installations Group policy Extensions
  • Group Policy Client Core
  • Base Support Binaries
  • Command Line Tools
  • Registry Editor
  • Server Command Line Tools
  • CMD – Windows Command Processor
  • USB 2.0        
  • NET.EXE Utilities
  • Administrative Support Tools
  • WMI Win32 Provider
  • System Control Panel
  • Windows Installer Service
  • Computer Browser (Optional: needed to access net bios shares)
  • Terminal Server Services (Optional: needed if you want to RDP)
  • Include following files as Extra Files it Windows default locations.
    • MSInfo32.exe, systeminfo.exe