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Support for old software on new Mail Gateway, Web Gateway, and Traffic Shaper appliance hardware


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Web Gateway Messaging Gateway


If I purchase a new hardware appliance for Symantec Messaging Gateway, Symantec Web Gateway, or Symantec Traffic Shaper, but I am running an older version of the Messaging Gateway software than what comes shipped on the appliance, can I reimage the appliance with the older software?


Based on the Support Policy for Symantec's Messaging and Web Security Appliances, Symantec does not provide patches or code changes for older versions of Symantec Messaging Gateway software once a newer version has been released. As a result, older software versions may not include the necessary drivers and support to run on new hardware appliances. Symantec recommends that customers upgrade to the latest version of Symantec Messaging Gateway on their existing appliances before introducing new hardware to their deployment.

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