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PGP Universal Server Error - "There is a problem with this website's security certificate"


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Symantec Products


When trying to open a PGP Universal Server administrative interface page via either on IE or Mozilla, you receive a web site security certificate warning.


Use the following steps to troubleshoot the certificate error.

1. Check if the server is using a third party certificate or self signed certificate.
2. Check the status of the certificate it should say "This certificate is ok".
3. Check the expiration date of certificate.
4. If the user has a third party certificate, create a CSR and ask user to send it to the third party Certificate Authority (CA) to generate a new certificate.
5. If everything is fine with the certificate itself, make sure that the Assigned Certificate is the right certificate chosen if more than one certificate exists (System > Network).
6. If PGP Universal Server is in a cluster, check that all servers contain the correct certificate (see #5).
7. Confirm that you are not using an IP address to access to the PGP Universal Server admin page but only the FQDN as the certificate is generated to the domain only and not an IP address (so: not https://IP_address:9000)
8. After any changes done to the certificate, make sure that you delete the cache from your Internet Explorer browser and/or Mozilla and then restart the browser.

If all of the above steps are checked, you should be able to open PGP Universal Server admin page successfully without a certificate warning.