How to configure a CCS-VM scan template to check for 5 specific patches


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Control Compliance Suite Vulnerability Manager


Wants to know how to configure a scan template to scan for 5 specific patches



You want to check all machines for a limited number of checks.


Go to Administration, Scan Templates, Manage, select the template Microsoft Hotfix(top of second page) and copy it and give it a new name.

1. Go to Administration, Scan Templates, Manage, select the new template
2. Click on it to select
3. In the General tab, de-select Web Spidering and Policies
4. Click on Vulnerability checks. Do not click on By Category or By Check types.
5. If you click on the arrow at the bottom next to "By Individual Checks" there will be selections for add checks or
remove checks, click on add checks
6. A dialog of search criteria will appear. Type in MS10-061
7. 17 items will appear, check all of them at the click box next to the Excel icon. This is the same check just different ways the product uses to check it.
8. Click on SAVE at the bottom.
9. If you wish to add the next check to the same template go ahead and repeat the above for the next item , say MS12-027.
Just type over the search criteria.
10. Seven items will appear - check all of them
Continue with the rest of your list
11. MS08-067 will have 18 items
12. MS12-020 will have 29 items
13. MS12-037 will have 28 items
14. Using the selection "By Individual Check" 'should' override the "By Category"( which defaults to 59 of 59) and
By check types (12 of 12)

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