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A temp ISO license was installed and now the temp license has expired.

The customer does not want to buy ISO licenses and just wants the error resolved.


Licenses for the following components have expired.

- Symantec ISO Content


ISO license expired and will need to be removed to stop errors.
ISO licenses do not appear in add/remove products


WARNING:  Backup the ADAM instance prior to performing the following procedure.  Consult Microsoft's knowledgebase or Technet for information on how to backup the version of ADAM installed with your version of CCS.

Connect to the ADAM  Instance via ADSIEdit by performing the following:

1  Launch ADSIEdit and under the Action tab click on Connect To.

2  Under the Connection Point use Select or type a Distinguished Name or Naming Context and type the following:  O=Symantec

3  Under Computer use Select or type a domain or server: (Server | Domain [:port) and type the name of the machine (FQDN, Netbious, or localhost) and then the port such as AppServer01:3890.

4  Click ok.

Once the Symantec ADAM Instance is connected navigate through tree through O=Symantec > OU = Infrastructure > CN=Licenses and perform the following:

1  Once you have Licenses highlighted go through each License file on the right ( example called CN=18364360.7) by double-clicking the container or right-clicking and selecting properties and locate the attribute called symc-LicenseContent and open this attribute.

2  Copy all of the information in this attribute out to a text editor such as Notepad and then look for the tag <end date> with an actual date value in the field.  If there is no end date tag or if the end date tag is empty then ignore this file.

****Note prior to moving any of the licenses ensure that there is at least one file that contains a valid CCS Core license inside of ADAM (i.e. the remaining Core license file has not expired) or the entire application will not function.

3  If the file contains an end date value then back on the Tree view (left side) create a new container on OU=Infrastructure and selecting New > object and the Select a class: container and call it expired licenses.  Lastly, move all of the license files that contain an end date value to the expired license container by right-clicking them and selecting move and pointing to the new container.

4  Once complete, restart the Symantec Application server service, the Symantec Directory support service and the Symantec CCS core service and then relaunch any of the CCS  Console machines to verify functionality.

Applies To

W2K03 Standard Server
10.5.1 PCU 2012-1
SQL server 2005 x64 SP2


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