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SNMP Version 3 is not Supported on Symantec Encryption Management Server 3.3.1 and earlier


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Encryption Management Server Gateway Email Encryption


Symantec Encryption Management Server (formerly known as PGP Universal Server) can use SNMP to monitor the health and activity of server software and the computer on which it is installed.

Currently, there are three versions of SNMP defined: SNMP v1 , SNMP v2c and SNMPv3.  SNMPv3 adds security and remote configuration capabilities to the previous versions of SNMP.

SNMP version 3 (v3) is not supported in Symantec Encryption Management Server  (SEMS) 3.3.1 and earlier.



Starting with SEMS 3.3.2, SNMP v3 is now supported.  SNMP v3 monitors the health and activity of Symantec Encryption Management Server and the computers on which it is installed. Also, SNMP V3 adds cryptographic security and authentication using SHA-1 function.

Starting with Symantec Encryption Management Server 3.3.2, SNMP v1 and v2c is no longer enabled and cannot be used.

See KB HOWTO60465 for more information on enabling the SNMP service on SEMS 3.3.2 and earlier.