How to add KEYWORDS using JCKNSPF in edit mode for CA JCLCheck using the JCLNeat feature?


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CA JCLCheck Workload Automation



How to add KEYWORDS functionality when using JCKNSPF command in edit mode for CA  JCLCheck Workload Automation with the JCLNeat feature?


Component: JCLCHK



The KEYWORDS functionality for JCLNeat allows you to customize the order the keywords in your JCL.  

To use the KEYWORDS functionality using the JCKNSPF command in edit mode  of  a JCL, you must allocate the KEYWORDS DD data set and member to your TSO session.  To do this, edit the member JCKNSPF in hlq.CAZ2CLS0.  

  • Comment the following statements:

       /*    FREE F(KEYWORDS,JN01)                          /* TEBE515 */

       /*    ATTR  JN01 REC(F B) BLK(800) LRE(80) DSORG(PS) /* TEBE515 */

       /*    ALLOC F(KEYWORDS) UNIT(VIO) USING(JN01) NEW    /* TEBE515 */

  • Add the following statement after the above commented statement:

        ALLOC F(KEYWORDS) DA('your.dsn(keywords)') SHR REUSE 

  • Change the statement

        FREE F(KEYWORDS,JN010)    to     FREE F(KEYWORDS)



Additional Information

 As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA JCLCheck Workload Automation if you have further questions.