License Activation Failed in Endpoint Protection Manager


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Endpoint Protection


When trying to activate license of the SEPM using serial number, an activation error is received. Access to the Internet has been verified and no proxy is present. 


“'Unable to connect to the license server. This may be a temporary network issue. Check your network and try again. If the problem persists, contact customer care”



For new installations:
Getting a License file for a new purchase
1.       On the Symantec Licensing Portal home page, click New Purchase.
2.       On the Serial Number entry page, type a valid serial number, and then click Submit.
3.       The serial number appears in a list at the bottom of the page
4.    (Optional) To submit an additional serial number, type the serial number, and then click Add. The serial number is added to the list at the bottom of the page. click Next.
5.    On the License Registration Verification page, verify that all of the information is correct.
6.    Click Complete Registration. Serial numbers and license keys will appear on the License Key Confirmation page.
7.    Download the license (.slf) file
For Upgrades:
"Getting a License file for a version upgrade
  1. On the Symantec Licensing Portal home page, click Version Upgrade.
  2. On the Version Upgrade page, type the Upgrade Notification ID, and then click View Upgrades. The Upgrade Notification ID is located in the Upgrade Notification, which is sent by email. If you do not have an Upgrade Notification ID, click Help at bottom of the page to view available upgrade notifications for your account.
  3. On the Upgrade Product Selection page, next to the product description, click Upgradeto continue with the upgrade process. If all upgrades are complete, you can still view a list of the upgraded licenses and owners.
  4. On the Upgrade License Selection page, in the Select column, check the individual licenses to upgrade, and then click Upgrade.
  5. On the License Information Verification page, provide all required information. Some information may automatically appear, based on existing license registration information.
  6. When all information is accurate, click Complete Registration.
  7. Your new version serial numbers and license keys appear on the License KeyConfirmation page.
  8. Download the license (.slf) file