Overlapped I/O error occurs during AD configuration on Windows 2003 32bit when SCSP agent is installed


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Critical System Protection


Configuring Active Directory role on Windows 2003, 32-bit operating systems may fail if the Critical System Protection agent is installed.

The operation failed with the following error: Overlapped I/O operation is in progress.


Critical System Protection agent on Windows 2003 32-bit operating systems by default would activate file system filter driver which is known to trigger the Overlapped I/O error.


Configure Active Directory role before installing Critical System Protection agent. If the SCSP agent is already installed, remove all prevention and detection polices (apply the null policy to this system), stop all Critical System Protection agent services then configure the server role as an Active Directory server. If the error persists, uninstall Critical System Protection agent. Once the sever is configured as Active Directory server, Critical System Protection agent can be re-installed or re-enabled.

Applies To

Affected Operating System: Windows 2003 32bit

Symantec Critical System Protection version: 5.2.6 and newer