New Incident tickets not being created from inbound emails


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Emails sent to the Email Monitoring Inbox are being removed from the inbox by the Email Monitoring process, however no new incidents were being created or comments added to existing incident tickets.

The process was working as expected a day prior and no changes to the ServiceDesk environment were made.

 No errors were seen within the ServiceDesk logs.


 It was discovered that the entire organization's email domain had been blacklisted within the ServiceDesk environment. As a result the Email Monitoring process was unable to process the emails as the entire email domain was blacklisted.


Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the blacklisted email domain from the Process Manager Web Portal, the entry must be deleted via the following SQL Query:

NOTE: Before executing the following SQL Query please ensure you have a full backup of the Process Manager Database

DELETE FROM ServiceDeskBlackList

WHERE Domain =''


Applies To

 ServiceDesk 7.x