BUG REPORT: Encryption Fails on Intel Ivy Bridge Based Mac OS X Computers


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In mid 2012 Apple began releasing new hardware that includes Intel Ivy Bridge processors which was not supported using PGP Whole Disk Encryption.  Originally when using this Mac hardware, any encryption performed by PGP would complete, but you would be unable to authenticate to the drive at the PGP BootGuard screen.   Without authentication you would be unable to boot into Mac OS X and your data would remain protected and unreadable.


When this issue is present, typically post authentication will load to a gray screen with a symbol representing unable to boot (A drive overlapped by a red circle with a cross through it), though we have also seen it load to a black screen and stop. 


This issue is resolved by using PGP Desktop 10.2.1MP3 (build 4940).   Please use that version or newer for Mac OS X Ivy Bridge clients.


Applies To

This is known to affect Apple products with Ivy Bridge processors.  Please note that any new Apple computer may come with an Ivy Bridge processor.  It does not need to be the latest Macbook pro with Retina Display.