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Content Filtering policies for LDAP policy groups do not work


Article ID: 156648


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Messaging Gateway


A Content Filtering policy assigned to a Policy Group using LDAP group memberships is not applied to the message, even though the "Find User" identifies the correct policy group. Message Audit Logs (MAL) may show the expected policy group in the list of Untested Verdicts.


Address resolution for email scanning is not enabled in the Directory Data Source. The Directory Data Source Address Resolution must be both enabled and configured for "Email Scanning only" or "Control Center Authorization and Email Scanning".


Messaging Gateway


Edit the DDS source used to provide address resolution and ensure that Email Scanning is enabled.

  1. Log into the Control  Center as an administrator
  2. Open the Directory Integration Settings page: Administration > Directory Integration
  3. Select the Directory Data Source with the "Address Resolution" function and click "Edit"
  4. Select the Address Resolution tab
  5. Ensure that Enable Address Resolution is checked
  6. Ensure that "Email Scanning only" or "Control Center Authorization and Email Scanning" is selected in the pulldown menu
  7. Click "Save"