BUG REPORT: Windows 7 Genuine Status intermittently reported as not Genuine with PGP Desktop Installed


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Symantec Products


Some customers have encountered an issue where Windows 7 Genuine status is intermittently lost.  PGP Desktop was installed on these machines and was believed to have been the root cause.


Error displays as "This copy of Windows is not genuine".


Symantec Development has worked closely with Microsoft Development for extended periods of time to determine the root cause of this issue.  After significant analysis and debugging was performed by both Microsoft and Symantec Dev teams, there was no conclusive evidence that this problem was caused by any Symantec products.  As this is the case, no further work is being done by Symantec to modify any product behavior.

For further information on this issue and if further assistance is needed to correct this problem, please contact Microsoft.


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Windows 7