Is mandatory to set OPTIONS(20) after to apply RO88433?
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Is mandatory to set OPTIONS(20) after to apply RO88433?


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


After applying IBM/RSU1412 and setting OPTIONS(20) in the TSS parmfile it was detected a problem with the user used to run a
 protected transaction.

RO88433 was created to solve this problem.

The comment in the ++HOLD section of RO88433 explains the steps to perform to apply the RO88433.
The instructions explain that if Control Option 20 is off, then it is necessary set Control Option 20.

Why is necessary to set OPTIONS(20) if we are running without problems without this option set?


CA Top Secret 16.0


This information is for customers who disabled OPTIONS(20) to bypass the problem after to apply the IBM/RSU1412.
If you was running CA Top Secret without the OPTIONS(20) then you do not need to do anything.
You can just apply the RO88433 and forget the instructions about OPTIONS(20)