Purge the CCS External Data Integration data imported from CCSVM


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


You need to know how to purge the CCS External Data Integration data imported from CCSVM.


1. The Assets imported from CCSVM to CCS need to be deleted manually in CCS Asset System.


2. The CCSVM Data linked to Assets are stored in CCS Reporting Database and can be purged as per CCS Purge Policy:


-> Please open the CCS Console -> Settings -> General -> Data Purge -> Purge Settings -> Reports tab ->

Example settings:

- Retains the report refresh job results for last: 10 runs

- Purge historical results from reporting database after: 1095 days

- Purge trend information from reporting database after: 2555 days

-> Stale Data tab ->

Example settings:

- Purge stale data every: 180 days

- Schedule Purge Job:

- Run now


- Run periodically

- Start on: date

- Run once


- Run every X days