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Troubleshooting emails notifications from PGP Universal Server


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Symantec Products


PGP Universal Server may fail to send various notification emails such as Daily Status Emails, Web Messenger notifications, or WDE Activity reports. These messages will often appear in the Mail Queue section under the Mail tab.


The root cause of this issue varies by environment. In almost all cases, Universal Server is unable to establish a connection to the appropriate mail server. You can find specific error messages for each queued message in the Mail tab, Mail Queue. This will assist with narrowing down the cause.


The following items may resolve this issue:

  • Verify the connectivity between Universal Server and the recipient mail server. We recommend using telnet to connect to port 25 or 587 on your mail server, depending on configuration, from your Universal Server. This ensures that the connection is accepted and the traffic is being routed correctly.
  • Check the MX record to make sure it resolves to the correct IP. If Universal Server and the mail server are both on an internal network and the MX record points to the external IP, you may need to configure a Mail Route. This is effectively an MX override for Universal Server. It is configured under the Mail tab, Mail Routes.
  • Verify that the mail server isn't restricting mail to or from specific hosts. In some cases, the mail server may only accept SMTP connections from approved IP addresses and/or hostnames.
  • If you are using a DNS-based anti-spam solution such as DomainKeys or SPF, make sure that Universal Server is listed as an approved mail server.