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DX IM - UIM - How can I configure "Disk Latency" metrics in cdm probe?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) NIMSOFT PROBES


How can I configure "Disk Latency" metrics in cdm probe?


cdm 6.60 or later


Disk Latency metrics can only be configured for the cdm probe from AdminConsole.

This feature is available from version 6.60 and higher for the cdm probe.

Ensure you have the latest GA release of the cdm probe installed, then from AdminConsole select the Disks node in the left hand column. 

From here you can configure Disk Latency metrics in the monitors section

Disk Latency (ms)QOS_DISK_LATENCY 

Disk Read Latency (ms)QOS_DISK_READ_LATENCY

Disk Write Latency (ms)QOS_DISK_WRITE_LATENCY



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