"Known Issue" Custom action (WiseSetAllUsersProfileNT) Does not work on Windows NT4


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Running on Windows NT 4.0 SP6a machine WPS 8.0 MR1
copy single file fails with the custom action "WiseSetAllUsersProfileNT"
results in MSI creating a new root directory
\WINNTProfilesAll Users]\ on C:. Then copying the file there. Instead of
the correct \WINNT\Profiles\All Users\ location.


Files copied to wrong location.


This point fix has been added as an attachment. Please download the file.

Instruction for using point fix for this issue:

1. Go to the box where WPS_8_00_MR1 is already installed or Install WPS_8_00_MR1 on a box.

2. Go to %InstallDirectory%\Symantec\Wise Package Studio\Windows Installer Editor directory. Here %InstallDirectory% is directory where you install WPS.

3. Replace existing Wfwi.exe with the new Wfwi.exe downloaded from KB

 4. Run WPS and test the issue.


WfWI.exe get_app