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EXPC213W T= ABENDS not issued for all transactions/abends


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Explore Performance Management for z/VSE


We noticed some transaction abends are not logged to console by message EXPC213W. For instance, user transaction RA08 abend AEXL.

Threshold ABEND is defined with Resource * * Limit 1 for this CICS.



Component: EXPC


Explore gets notfied of an abend by the CICS XPCABND Global User Exit. This is executed before a dump call is made. I took a transaction for which threshold messages were being correctly issued for AEXL abends and changed it from DUMP=YES to DUMP=NO using CEDA. 

Now I no longer see thresholds and no trace entry is created for an abend. 


In summary, we will not display ABEND threshold messages for transactions that have DUMP=NO, because the CICS exit isn't executed.