How to Export a list of WDE Computers and their Status on Symantec Encryption Management Server


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When you click on Consumers, Devices, Drive Encryption Computers from the Symantec Encryption Management Server web interface, you are shown a list of computers and their status. A report can be created from the Web portal to get a comprehensive list of machines and devices and the status of each.



Symantec Encryption Management Server 3.3.0 and above has the ability to allow exporting data in a report through the Reporting Overview page.

To export this data, click on Reporting, and on the bottom of the page, select Export Data, and choose Export All Drive Encryption Activity.

The other location to export this data is Under Consumers, Devices, there is an export feature under Options on the bottom of the page, Export All Drive Encryption Activity

If any further assistance is needed with these reports, please review the product documentation, or contact Symantec Support for assistance.