Custom IT Analytics Cube Views are not kept after uninstalling and reinstalling an IT Analytics report pack


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After uninstalling and reinstalling an IT Analytics report pack, such as the Altiris IT Analytics Client Server Management Pack, custom Cube Views that were previously saved are no longer present. These then require the user to be manually recreated.


Custom Cube Views are not kept when an IT Analytics report pack is uninstalled.


The cube views are saved in the CMDB database in the State field of the Item table for each Cube. The format is slightly different for post-7.6 Cube Browser console and old Office Web Components based console.

For example, I have created test custom view based on Computers Cube and named it QWERTY.

Here is how state field for that Cube looks in Item table in CMDB:

  <cubeDatabase>IT Analytics</cubeDatabase>
  <packName>IT Analytics Client Management Pack</packName>
  <savedCBViews>&lt;SavedCBViews&gt;&lt;SavedCBView ID="715cb7e0-6788-41bb-91b6-4650dcd0d8c3" Name="qwerty" UserID="*************************" Public="True" DateCreated="23-Mar-16 8:42:08 AM" DateModified="23-Mar-16 8:42:08 AM"&gt;&lt;ViewJson&gt;&lt;![CDATA[{"Workspace":{"TreeFieldListCollapsed":false,"CubeViewConfigurationCollapsed":false},"View":{"Axis0":[{"Measure":{"Name": "[Measures].[Computer Count]","Caption": "Computer Count","AggregateFunction": "Count"}}],"Axis1":[{"Hierarchy": {"Name": "[Computer].[Computer - Name]","Caption": "Computer - Name","AllMemberName": "[Computer].[Computer - Name].[All]","MaxLevel": 1,"MaxMemberRenderCount": -1,"Filter": "None","SortDetails": [],"HierarchyMembers": []}},{"Hierarchy": {"Name": "[Created Date].[Created Date - Date]","Caption": "Created Date - Date","AllMemberName": "[Created Date].[Created Date - Date].[All]","MaxLevel": 1,"MaxMemberRenderCount": -1,"Filter": "None","SortDetails": [],"HierarchyMembers": []}}],"Axis2":[],"AxisSlicer":[],"AxisDetail":[]},"Details":[],"Charts":[{"title":"Area Chart - Computer Count / Computer - Name","chartType":"Area","colMembers":"[Measures].[Computer Count]","rowMembers":"","uniqueHierarchy":"{[Computer].[Computer - Name].[All],SUBSET(NONEMPTY({[Computer].[Computer - Name].CHILDREN}),0,40)}","filterMdx":"[Computers]","windowState":{"height":300,"width":400,"maximized":false,"hidden":false,"x":394,"y":178}}]}]]&gt;&lt;/ViewJson&gt;&lt;/SavedCBView&gt;&lt;/SavedCBViews&gt;</savedCBViews>
  <resourceHierarchy>[Computer].[Computer - Resource Guid]</resourceHierarchy>

Attached set of scripts will  copy the custom Cube View data records from the Symantec_CMDB into a new table for safe keeping. These "backed up" data records can then be later restored once the IT Analytics report pack is reinstalled. To accomplish this, SQL scripts for both versions of console are attached to this article that can perform a backup and restore of custom IT Analytics Cube Views. Instructions on how to use the scripts are provided inside of them.





Restore IT Analytics custom Cube Views.sql get_app
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Backup IT Analytics custom Cube Views.sql get_app