Connecting Multi I/O Configured SAN to PGP Encrypted Windows Server Causes BSOD


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Customer had previously Encrypted Several Windows 2003 Servers (Internal Hard Drives).  They are now attaching a SAN System to the Servers.  When running the SAN in a single I/O path configuration everything works as Normal with PGP and the SAN System.  When they swap to using a Multi-path I/O configuration they get BSOD errors (See below). 


Please note that PGP was never tested with an Attached SAN in Multi-path I/O.  However we have found two workarounds that have resolved the issue.

1st Workaround.

  • Uninstall PGP (Decrypt the hard drive)
  • Configure the SAN for Multiple I/O paths, and Ensure the system is running stable.
  • Install PGP as normal and encrypt the Hard Drive.

2nd Workaround.

  • Decrypt your Hard Drives and Uninstall PGP.
  • Install PGP without Netshare or RDD functionality, (See the Related Articles Section for how to accomplish this).
  • Configure Multiple I/O paths.


Applies To

Setup that this issue was reported on is as follows;

Server:  HP Proliant DL380 G5
Local Server Drives are HP SCSI Disk Drives (Logical)
SAN that is being attached is HP OPEN-V Multi-Path
HBA cards:  Emulex LightPulse A8002A