Details for some messages cannot be directly accessed from the Message Audit Logs list page on Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG)


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Messaging Gateway


Message Audit Logs on SMG does not provide a clickable link to view details for some messages.


This is a known issue in releases prior to SMG 9.5.4.  For a message that has been received, but not scanned yet, Message Audit Logs list page does not show the recipient of the message and consequently there is no clickable link for that message.


This issue has been addressed in the SMG 9.5.4 release. The Message Audit Logs list now presents the address and "(Processing Status)" for messages that are pending scanning

Workaround for earlier releases:

Please modify the search criteria such that Message Audit Logs list page shows one or more messages with clickable link along with the message with no clickable link.  Then view the message details with clickable link and continue clicking "Next >" or "< Previous" buttons to navigate to the desired message to view its details.