Configuring Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) Configuration Profile for Office 365


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Mobile Management


You want to use Office 365 with your mobile devices, but you are not sure how to create an EAS configuration profile that will work with Office 365.


Note: This article assumes that devices are already enrolled; and that you are using the Email address for enrollment URL when enrolling devices.  To setup agent enrollment through email, please refer to article

Create an EAS configuration profile in the iOS Configuration Editor.  Specify a name for the EAS policy, the EMAIL token, and the Exchange Server Name. 

  • The name for the policy should be something that your device owners will recognize (ABC Company Email System, etc.). 
  • In the username field, specify the token, . For more information about the tokens, please see article
  • Exchange Server Name needs to be ''.

Target the configuration profile with a policy and either push or allow policy updates to occur.