Spam submitted by Symantec Email Submission Client (SESC) moderated user appears in the moderator's Junk Email folder


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Messaging Gateway


SESC is configured so that there is a moderator that receives submissions from users.  When a user submits an email it is removed from the user's spam submission folder.  However it does not appear in the moderator's spam receipt folder but rather it appears in the Junk Email folder.


  • Outlook client is being used.
  • Outlook Junk Email Filter is enabled.

See the following article for details: Overview of the Junk E-mail Filter.

  • When the message is opened in Outlook, in the informational bar it shows the message was moved there by the Outlook Junk Email Filter.

The following is an example:



The Outlook Junk Email Filter is acting on new messages that appear for the moderator.  Since the email is spam the Outlook Junk Email Filter is moving it to the Junk Email folder.


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Turn off the Outlook Junk Email Filter.  See the following article for details: How to Disable Outlook’s Junk E-mail Filter.


Applies To

  • SESC 1.0