pcAnywhere Agent fails to install with error code 1003


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All attempts to install the pcAnywhere Agent fail, whether by running the pcAnywhere Plug-in for Windows - Install policy, or by running "pcAClientInstallManager.exe /iall" from a Command Prompt.


The file pcASolInstaller-pcAClientInstallManager-TRACE.LOG file shows the following sequence:

Entered in ***CheckpcAnywhere*** function
CheckpcAnywhere:: pcAnywhere is Installed.
Leaving ***CheckpcAnywhere*** function

Entered in ***CheckAndUnInstallCarbonCopy*** function
CheckAndUnInstallCarbonCopy():: Carbon Copy is not installed
Leaving ***CheckAndUnInstallCarbonCopy*** function

Entering in ***UninstallpcAnywhere*** function
UninstallpcAnywhere():: pcAnywhere not installed
Leaving ***UninstallpcAnywhere*** function
UninstallpcAnywhere:: pcAnywhere Uninstallation is not successful

Meanwhile, when the installation attempt is made via the pcAnywhere Plug-in for Windows - Install policy, the Symantec Management Agent logs show error code 1003.


One known cause is that the following registry key exists, even though the pcAnywhere product is not installed:


The key may be present as an attempt by to pre-populate settings for pcAnywhere prior to deployment of the pcAnywhere Agent, or perhaps it is a remnant from a past installation.


In the scenario described above, where the pcAnywhere\Currentversion registry key exists but pcAnywhere is not actually installed, delete this registry key and then proceed with the installation.


Applies To

pcAnywhere Solution 12.6