Managed Symantec Encryption Desktop (previously PGP Desktop) client does not allow the use of pgpwde.exe if the client does not enroll


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Drive Encryption


Versions prior to  PGP Desktop 10.2.0 allowed the use of pgpwde.exe for specific functions(e.g. --status and --list-users) for non-enrolled PGP Desktop clients.

Current behavior does not allow a client that is not enrolled with the Symantec Encryption Management Server (previously PGP Universal Server).

12450: administrative preferences file not found


Enroll with the Management Server prior to using these type of commands or you can use the --admin-authorization or --aa flag with the command with pgpwde.exe (e.g. pgpwde.exe --status --disk 0 --aa).

example: pgpwde --status --disk 0 --aa 



Applies To

Managed 10.2.0 PGP  Desktop client and above with PGP  Universal Server

Managed Symantec Encryption Desktop client with Symantec Encryption Management Server