In The Service Desk Manager Employee or Customer web interface, what does the "Skip Navigation" link do?


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On the Employee or Customer web interface, there is a link, "Skip Navigation" to the left of the logged in user  If we click on it, it looks it does not work. What is the purpose of this link?

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CA Service Desk Manager r14.x, r17.x


The link "Skip Navigation" allows the Screen Reader users to skip the in-between links and navigate to the main content page. This link is available by default for the Customer and Employee roles. For the Analyst role, the link is available only when the Screen Reader mode is enabled.

An Analyst user can turn on the Screen Reader option as per below.


  1. Log into Service Desk Manager and go to 'View' > 'Preferences...'.

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  2. On the Preferences setting screen, turn on the option "Using Screen Reader" under 'General Settings' category. 

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  3. Save the change. In order to take effect, log out and log back into Service Desk Manager. You will be able to see "Skip Navigation" link in the Analyst interface too.

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