IT Analytics reports for computers and asset for manufacturer and/or models do not match their totals correctly


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IT Analytics


When using IT Analytics (ITA) reports or cubes that list computer and asset manufacturer and/or models, such as Computer by Model or Assets by Manufacturer, the totals do not match up.


The CMDB task Inventory to Asset Synchronization is not being ran to sync Inventory data to CMDB data.


Run the CMDB task Inventory to Asset Synchronization to sync the manufacturers and models from Inventory Solution to CMDB Solution. This should then enable the ITA reports totals for these values correctly match.

Also, the attached SQL query can be used to check Inventory and CMDB data class values for their manufacturers and models. As ITA derives its data from these data classes, if they are empty, then ITA has nothing to report on. The reason they are empty  should be addressed to later then have ITA's reports display the expected results, which are not controlled directly by ITA.

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Standalone replication rules are forwarding inventory to the Symantec Management Platform server where ITA runs on.


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