Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) client not getting installed. Error 1303 occurs during installation.


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Endpoint Protection


SEP client not getting installed. Error 1303 occurs during installation..

Error 1303:  The installer has insufficient privileges to access the directory.


The specified folder in the error had permission issues.


Installation halting due to permission issues on the folder specified in the error.

Steps to fix the permission issue.
   1. Browse to the location mentioned in the error (eg c:\windows\system 32\Drivers)
   2. Right click on the folder
   3. Security tab
   4. Apply full access to Administrators ,System and the currently logged user.
   5. Open the folder.
   6. Try creating a folder, to test if permission applied properly.
   7. Delete folder if the folder creation successful.
Proceed with the installation

Applies To

SEP Version: SEP 12.1
Operating System : Windows 2003


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